Hindu Concept Of Energy In Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is novella that has been looked and analyzed through many different schools thought. However, it is seldom looked through a lense of Hindu beliefs. These beliefs are present as a theme throughout the novel. Alongside other Hindu beliefs, the Hindu concept of energy can be seen in all the characters of the novel. The link between “Purusha” or man and the “Prakriti” the nature is shown through the transformation of Gregor Samsa, the arguable protagonist of the novel. The most pronounced effect of this belief is through Gregor Samsa. Gregor Samsa exudes negative energy to his society as he feels small and worthless like an insect, and thus, is how society views him. He felt as though he was forced into a job he…show more content…
Karma plays a role in almost everything in our daily lives. It is the force that controls our actions and re actions to everyday tasks. It plays an even bigger role in Gregor Samsa’s life.Whatever he does eventually comes back to him and results in negative energy as mentioned before. It 's similar to the law every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Gregor hates his life and as a result he is put into a life of isolation. He puts out negative karma into the world and calls his job a “plague” ( 77 Kafka), and in return his turned into a “dung beetle” that can not do anything around the house anymore. However, hope is not lost of Gregor. The only way to reverse the karma is to send out positive karma and positivity will come to you. He can not change who he has become, but he can change what he does with what he has become. He seems to progressively get accustomed to his lifestyle and remains optimistic. He is now happy with how he is living and as a result karma awards him freedom. He is free to do what he wants when he wants and seems to find pleasure in looking for answers to life 's questions. Karma plays a role in the life of his sister as well. Because she gave out negative karma and refused to consider her brother human, she was now forced to conform and work for her parents. Karma comes back and affects her in a negative manner. She is pushed down a life that Gregor was initially pushed down. One can only expect his sister to go down the same path that he
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