The Importance Of Color In Hinduism

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The functions and characteristics of the earth, sky, and sun have symbols based on colors. Therefore, as a religion, it connects with nature because the symbolic meaning of the colors has been adopted and combined into Hinduism. In Hinduism, from deities to widows, colors are used to identify their symbolism.

The color red has positive notions in Hinduism. Therefore, it 's used for their weddings, usually, brides wear red clothes and they place red bindhi on their foreheads, it represents purity. The goddess Durga, who wear red, it reflects the respectable qualities, bold emotions, and characteristics.
Many colors composed and made a color white. Color white gives a range of concepts in Hinduism. The goddess Sarasvati, who worn
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It enacts the transmutation from earth to air, from mud to perfume, from darkness to lustrous colors"
In the myth of Hindu creation, Vishnu is the principle, which maintains the balance between the vital processes of the universe and the negative and disruptive forces. Brahma, the creator, sits on a lotus that comes from the navel of Vishnu.
His role as guardian explains the incarnations of Vishnu to redeem humanity. His avataras, the descents are generally ten in number and the most important of all, Krishna.
The legends of Krishna respond to many profound social and spiritual needs. Love is the vital force of Vishnuism. In the Hindu tradition, there is a link between love and the color blue, so God Vishnu and Krishna have represented the blue.
"Blue is the color of Krishna and Vishnu. Blue is worn by a woman going to see her lover at night"
Lakshmi, a female counterpart, a symbol of beauty and good fortune, represented by the rise of a red lotus. She is also worshiped as Kamala, which means "fortune and prosperity of the red
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Apart from architectural use, it has been their tradition to use colors extended to enfolded the daily life.
Indeed, the popular pattern of Hot/cold dualism is carried directly into ordinary thinking about men versus women in Hindu society. White and red are the focal colors of this concept in Hindu society. A person 's identity is strongly linked to the social categories of caste group and religious affiliation. There symbolic marks of group identity are often created with the use of colorful and aromatic substances, or with substances, which convey heating" and "cooling" qualities.
For example, Hindu weddings, express the male/ female gender symbolism through color. The groom wears "cool white" and the bride wears red the "Hottest" color. The color of everyday clothing also reflects gender symbolism. Men prefer white, which is cool and austere, while women, especially during their childbearing years, indulge in vivid associated with activity and fecundity.
Today, the above observations in the study have deviated among Hindus and a collection of fashion colors have come into
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