Hindu Temple Architecture

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The monuments associated with Hindu and Buddhist culture symbolize the dwelling place of God. Temple walls are scarved or painted with different parts of the plant which is a common character of temple architecture from the time of immemorial till now. Jajpur is a newly formed district of undivided coastal district Cuttack. Tree worship is a common religious culture not only in Dist. Jajpur but also in entire India. People of Hindu worship tree as symbol of deities who are believed to reside on them. They worship trees for blessing and betterment of life. During worshiping traditional rituals are performed by offering appropriate plant parts of plant parts to their deities in temples and in ceremony of birth till mourning for death. The priests…show more content…
These are processed and pruned to convenient sizes. Then they were pressed inside the blotting paper for drying purpose. These materials were treated with naphthalene powder and ultimately they were immersed in saturated solution of mercuric chloride in ethyl alcohol. Then these materials were completely dried. After complete drying, specimens were mounted in standard mount boards of size 42x28cm. With help of febicol or animal glue. Then herbarium labels were affixed at the bottom right hand corner of the sheet where the field data has been transferred. The above method is more or less conforming with the guideline provided by Lawrence(1951), Santapau(1955), radfold et al(1974) and Jain and…show more content…
Muktimandapa is found very close to the somhadwara. Dolamandapa is found towards northern side of Main temple where dola parba is celebrated. Sapta matruka- This temple is located in southern bank of river Baitarani. Seven goddess are worshiped here. The temple comprises vaishnavi, brahmani, shivadati or Indrani, Kaumani, narasimha, chamunda and varabi. Legends- seven goddess originated from Goddess durga while she was engaged in battle with two demons, shumbha and Nishumha. The matruka symbolise the internal willpower of their respective male god.
Sapta matruka temple is thronged by devotes from different places in the chitra month during the Krishna pausha chaturdasi.

It is situated 35kms from the Cuttack. It is famous for Lord Jagannatha Temple. It is believed and popular folklore as the lord Jagannatha of Puri wiil be available at Chhatia in Avatar of Kalki during this Kalijuga.
Lalitagiri, Ratnagiri, and Udayagiri: The three Budhabihars are at a distance of 70 kms from Cuttack. The famous Buddhist complex is believed as the ancient seat of Puspagiri University, the Buddhist University of 7th Century

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