Hindu Wedding Essay

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Hindu Wedding Functions

Pre-Wedding Ceremonies:
Engagement Ceremony or Sagai
This is the first pre-wedding ritual held either on the day or following the formal commitment of both families towards the marriage. While engagement is usually a private affair between the couple, in India it’s celebrated in the presence of family and friends. The bride and groom exchange rings. The groom’s family gives gifts called Shagun to the bride. Both families exchange Milni or gifts like sweets, dry fruits, etc. This ritual is followed by dinner.
Haldi Ceremony
In this ceremony the family members attempt to 'beautify ' the bride and groom by applying a paste of turmeric (Haldi) on their face, hands and feet. Turmeric is said to improve the bride’s and
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It is a fun filled ceremony, mainly celebrated by the bride’s family. Traditionally mehndi is supposed to be one of the sixteen adornments decorating a bride without which her beauty is said to be incomplete. The bridal mehndi is very elaborate and intricate. At the ceremony, along with the bride, all the other women in the family also get mehndi applied by the mehndi artist. The ceremony is accompanied by songs and dance.
Sangeet Party
Unlike other functions, this ceremony is not about serious rituals, but fun and frolic. Friends and families of both the bride and groom come together for a night filled with music, dance and amazing food.
Tilak Ceremony
In India, the bridegroom and his family is placed in high regard. Therefore, to show their respect, the bride’s father invites the groom’s family for the Tilak ceremony. Traditionally, it was attended by only the male members of both the families, which is however, not the case anymore. During the ceremony, the bride’s father applies the auspicious Tilak on the groom’s forehead as a symbol of their acceptance of the groom as their would-be son in law. Like the bride receives Shagun during the engagement party, the groom is given Shagun during Tilak ceremony by the bride’s

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