Hinduism And Hinduism

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Religions are an important aspect of many lives of the people around the world. Religion is a cultural aspect in different countries, meaning different things to different people. When comparing religions there are six areas that are looked at these are; the absolute, the world, humans, the problem for humans, the solution for humans, and life after death. There are many religions around the world, some religions branch off of other religions. When looking into these religions I came to see why many are similar. They have the same beliefs; however, they worship and view some aspects in different ways. Hinduism and Buddhism are sometimes mistaken as being the same religion, though they are similar. They both originated in India. Buddhism came to be by breaking off of Hinduism and now has their own beliefs. When researching about Buddhism and Hinduism I found that both religions believe in more than one divine. The Buddha did not address that there was a god, though what I found interesting he did not dismiss that there was no god, he believed there were higher beings. These religions, both worshiped many divines some were even similar. They both believed in the same divine the Brahma. I discovered that they both viewed the Brahma as the highest. All though they might view the Brahma differently, it is interesting to see these two separate religions worship the same higher being. I was not surprised to discover that they have different beliefs in their absolute even if they
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