Hinduism In Pollution

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The Role of Hinduism in Polluting the Ganges River The Ganges River is both holy and polluted. It is two thousand five hundred miles long, and supports half a billion people (The Ganges River). The population is only growing, and with it, so are pollution levels in the Ganges River. Hinduism, practiced by over eighty percent of the people in India, contributes in large part to the devastating pollution of the Ganges River (Ridge). A river that is so depended upon by millions of people, is at the same time, being sullied by the very people who worship it. The Ganges River is sacred to Hindus. They believe it is the earthly embodiment of the goddess Ganga (The Ganges River). Tragically, the ‘goddess’ is being polluted by her worshippers through…show more content…
Over a million children become sick every year from the water (The Ganges River). Indian environmentalists point the finger at the government, more specifically, at what is called the Ganga Action Plan. The plan to clean up the Ganges River failed, and pollution levels just keep getting higher, enraging citizens (Ridge). The plan failed due to old technology, unfollowed laws, internal government corruption, and mismanagement (Zubrzycki). In response, hundreds of Hindu holy men have threatened to commit suicide unless something is proposed to change (Nahar and Peel). Priest Mishra, mentioned earlier, founded the Sankat Mochan Foundation in an effort to restore the purity of the Ganges River…show more content…
Compliance with rules has greatly improved through education (Indian companies target children to push green messages). Priest Mishra got support from India’s central government for a cleanup scheme (Ridge). Hindus, and others participating in the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi are complying with governmental efforts to use mud clay, papier mache, and natural paints when making their Ganesh idols (Gaur). Working together to purify this world-renowned river is a step in the right direction. However, it will take time to bring the pollution from Hindus to a halt and reverse the damage done (The Ganges River). Hinduism has had a grave effect on the Ganges River, and not a positive one. Ironically, their festival rituals that worship the Ganges River’s purity, have left the it anything but (The Ganges River). Thankfully, and fortunately for India, things are changing in an attempt to bring back the purity that makes the Ganges River so holy and sacred. The Ganges River is the lifeline for a half a billion people, and eighty percent of those have helped pollute it (The Ganges River;

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