Hinduism: Polytheistic Or Monotheistic?

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Hinduism: Polytheistic or Monotheistic? Regarded as the 3rd largest religion in the world, originating back to 2750-1750 BCE, Hinduism is a very unique religion practiced mostly by India (80 Percent). When asking the question whether this religion is polytheistic or monotheistic, it can be said that Hinduism can really be considered both of these terms due to different aspects. Hinduism is polytheistic, meaning that this religion worships many different gods all containing different elements, but Hinduism also is monotheistic, as its origins come from one sacred book, the Bhagavad Gita. Hinduism worshipers believe in many different gods, and worshipers participate in different pujas (rituals) to these gods. Hinduism is polytheistic as there …show more content…

The spiritual aspect of Hinduism shows the overbearing power of the “Brahman”. The Brahman also known as the World Soul comes from the sacred text of the Bhagavad Gita given to Lord Krishna. The Brahman is ones deepest self, the identity that remains beneath one’s changing self (Griffen). In Hinduism, this God is the basis of all creation, and all power worshipped in the religion. The Brahman lies at the root of all who show devotion to other gods. Even though they’re so many gods, individuals usually have a stronger connection to a particular god of their choosing, and not to every single god. Each Hindus religious path is a little bit different. I don’t think one could classify Hinduism in a way that would universalize whether it is a polytheistic or monotheistic religion. All gods in this religion are smaller deities to the greater Brahman, making this monotheistic, but then it is also polytheistic because there is truly the supreme belief in one major God. Hinduism only seems hard to understand because it deals more with one’s life then ones actual practice or belief of the religion. In reality, Hindus still believe in Brahman, one Supreme Being. Hinduism affects ones entire life and being. Hinduism is both monotheistic and polytheistic in my opinion. Since there are so many different components of Hinduism I don’t think it could be classified under these 2 categories. I find

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