Hinduism Vs Christianity

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Although Hinduism and Christianity both have a sort of trinity that they believe to control and maintain security in the world, their ways of worship and style of music vary greatly. While Hinduism doesn’t have much of a strong tradition in worshiping formally in a ceremony and animal sacrifice plays an important role in Hinduism, Christians prefer to worship in a church-like setting while only practicing self-sacrifice such as giving up something for lent. As for music, Christians prefer to come all together to sing all in one voice along with instruments, while Hinduism prefers to chant along with their instruments as their preferred style of music.
For Christianity, Christian music is the key to the ‘correct’ way of Christian worshipping.
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The act of worship for Hinduism is known as Puja. While Christianity carries a strong tradition to worshiping formally in a church, Hinduism’s tradition towards formal ceremonies isn’t as strong. Hinduisms choose to worship with not only music and words, but also silence. One difference with Hinduism and Christian worship is the levels of sacrifice they choose to meet. It’s not as common now, in fact many Hindu’s disagree now, but Hinduism’s ideal way of worship was to sacrifice animals, sometimes even humans. Their sacrifice is known as Yagna. Christianity will most likely only do self-sacrifice, such as giving up something for lent or devoting themselves fully as a…show more content…
Bhajari states that you must worship with love and sincere adoration. ( Doyle) With Hinduism, Dance is another vital element to worship. Dance will often be included in a formal communal worship. Hinduism follows the dance tradition after Shiva’s believing’s. Shiva is a God of Hinduism. Shiva believed in the Lord of the Dance. All dances are specifically meant to retell a story about their Gods. Any type of move, expression or gesture has a specific spiritual meaning attached to it. The congregation is aware of each and every meaning as the dances go on. An example of one of their dances is The Bharata Natayam. (Anjali) It is one of the most popular and widely known Hindu dances of all time. It is one of the earliest dances in Hinduism and still going strong as number one today. It is now the national dance of India. It is a very soft and bliss dance that may be danced by both females and males. All dancers are bare foot and once again, use their hands and movements to tell a
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