Hip Hop Dance Battle

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2 Hip Hop’s Battle

The battle is what an artist lives for (Twisted Toonz). This is their way of boastfully putting their name on the line (Twisted Toonz). It is not necessarily about winning, but more about interacting and showing one’s best ability while outperforming the opponent (Schloss 108). A battle is not only part of hip hop’s dancing but also its verbal unity, which shows how essential and important this ingredient is. The intention of battle is an evident adjunction of not only breaking but also “the dozens”, which is a playful exchange of insults found between African Americans and includes “dissin” and “jonin” (Cobb 78). The ritual of insult is an established component in black vernacular tradition (Cobb 78) and, therefore, can
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Their raw aggression is symbolized through finesse and precise moves (26), which is a very hard to embody. Although each respective opposer is understood to be unique and treated with respect at all times one has to attack persistently without failure (27) in order to be the stronger one in this competing dance. The most important factor in succeeding is precision (Chang 28). Therefore, the number one goal is development of control (28). It is best to completely become one with nature and incorporate the five elements fire, earth, air, water, and ether in dance(28). To do so the b-boyer has to be in control of every inch of his body. Fire represents the heat and intensity the b-boyer should show (29). Footwork and spins on the floor stand for earth, whereas all the air moves, flips for example, stand for air. In addition to that, water symbolizes the required flow (29), smooth moves that are achieved through precision and finesse. Last but not least, ether holds the dancer together so he does not crumble into pieces (28). For that reason, this last element, ether, may be the most important of all. Regardless, when using all of these elements in combination b-boying is in its hardest to achieve form, yet, also in its realest form. These required skill of exactness…show more content…
Because breakers are full of hate inside the circle (31) they can seem very intimidating. The intense dedication they show in a “battlefield” where “everything is war” illustrates the importance of them winning (31). When breakers contend they listen to the beat, feel the music, express themselves, and at exactly that moment their true character is revealed (“Inside the Circle”). Therefore, the battle can impart further knowledge about not only the b-boyer itself, but also his opponent (Schloss 117). When violence and aggression are being culled in art (Schloss 121) all that matters in that vulnerable and honest moment is what happens inside of the
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