Hip Hop Beyond Beats And Rhyme Analysis

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“Hip hop: Beyond Beats and Rhyme” (2006), by Byron Hurt is a documentary which tells the hidden side of a today’s Hip Hop culture. The documentary was made in 2006 in the United States by a lifelong hip hop fun and lover Byron Hurt, who realized that each hip hop video has something nearly identical; therefore he decided to make a documentary based on music, politics of hip hop and its culture.
The purpose of this essay is to show how Byron Hurt used his non-fiction picture to document hip hop culture from different angles and in what way he has presented his main point to the public. After a short outline of a plot and the background of the documentary, it will analyze the structure of the documentary and effects that are used in the documentary, and what effect it might produce on the watchers. Finally, this essay will analyze how “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes” represents features of hip hop culture which is a big part of the American culture, and its issues that it has throughout the country. Thus, by analyzing this documentary in details, the essay will answer the following research question: How documentary “Hip Hop: Beyond Beats and Rhymes” by Byron Hurt portray male identity within Hip Hop?

How documentary by Byron Hurt is made to present the topic.
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At the first ten minutes of the one-hour-documentary Byron Hurt tells his life story and how suddenly the things have changed in his life. He mentions that after he finished University of Sports and Society, he started to educate young boys who are just like him when he was young, listening to rap, hip hop music. Byron started to be interested in gender issues, masculinity. He became introspective about himself, started to analyze him and the things that he used to love. This is his first part of the

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