Hip Hop Culture And Rap Culture

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Moreover, the advancement of technology led to the widespread of rap culture. It helps promote commonalities in issues discussed, knowledge of hip-hop community current events and language patterns (Mattar, 2003). Youngster can share their rap songs and lyrics on the Internet. People around the world are curious to the creativeness of raps. They tend to share and create more and more rap songs in order to get into this new culture. Also, entertainment companies paid much efforts on promoting hip-hop culture. Not only through music, but also promote it through the fashion style of the artists. The youth community is affected by hip hop culture because it unify the marginalized groups with them mainstreams. Youth around the world are getting closer since they have the same way to share their oppressions. Besides advancement of technology, the contents of lyrics are realistic which made rapping succeed. Most of the lyrics are “real” reflections of the artists. They were using their marginalized experience to unify the audiences. When people relate to and identify with others perceived to be insiders or connective marginalities, rap has potential for a united voice to express their opinions on different political issues. For example, Public Enemy has a song called “911 is a joke” in 1990. Hit me Going, going, gone Now I dialed 911 a long time ago Don 't you see how late they 're reactin ' They only come and they come when they wanna The doctors huddle up and call a flea

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