Hip-Hop Culture: Video Analysis

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In the video she talks about how black people uses cornrows to keep black textured hair from getting tangle, neat and in style in rap and hip-hop culture. Then she goes on saying that in the 2000’s white rappers would adopt the hair style and later in movies. I believe her argument was saying that we, Americans love black culture yet we are using the fundamentals of what cornrows are actually used for as what white privilege people uses cornrows as high fashion and rap and hip-hop culture. I agree to what she saying because white privilege is something that white people do take advantage of. In the video a different woman was talking about how white people can do what they set third mind to it but to black people they have nothing and they cannot do what they want. It upsets her but it also says that…show more content…
In the video she says that Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, and Taylor swift use black dancers as props. I think they were just their being backup dancers as it has nothing to do with that she was twerking and black dancers were their too. I just think that they are good dancers to be there and it just so happens that it was them twerking. They do use them as props but there were also white dancers. Her argument was mainly about how white people uses black culture for their own purposes and she was arguing that only white people do this and she saying that black culture is only deem worthy if the privilege takes it for themselves. To me this whole argument is mainly what black people see as racist because of the use of their black culture are influenced towards white people that Azealia Banks feels that her culture is being taken over and being owned by white people. I see culture approbation as pluralism which is mutual respects for another culture, which I see that white people are respecting black culture by representing them and vice
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