Hip Hop Double Standards Essay

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In the past, hip hop told a life story with a funky beat. Some artists told a story about how life was rough when growing up, how they didn’t have a dad, how their mother had to raise them alone, how tough it was growing up in the ghetto, and how they made it out of that area alright. Since then, hip hop has resorted to degrade women and the police with a materialistic focus on money and drugs. Within the last decade, hip hop has changed dramatically for the worse. Hip hop’s received a bad reputation within the last decade. It is known to negatively influence the younger generation. In the article, “America’s Hip Hop Double-Standard” Perkins asserts that the real issue is that men, black and white, no longer are able to financially…show more content…
In the early 1970s, hip hop got its’ start. It started off fun and innocent and has now dramatically changed. Now, hip hops lyrics are filled with references to drugs, violance, and sex. Some artists portray themselves as a pimp, often describing women as prostitutes and/or strippers. The negativity of women and rarely authority, show that hip hop has lost it’s way and is now extremely different from what it used to be. There is no sign that hip hop has any plans to clean up its vulgar image, it is safe to say that the industry has been put on notice (“Taking Back the Music”). This subject is often blown off, due to no one seeing it as a big deal. Music is music to most people, and can often cause people to not see issues as they really are. According to African-American teenagers, they are beset about the dangerous myths of their race. The most poisonous one defines the achievements of whites while embracing violence, illiteracy, and drug dealing as “authentically” black. The fiction appears in many films and literatures. But appears most in rap music, which now has turned into a medium for worshipping misogyny, materalism, and murder (Staples). Hip hop is causing society to negatively see black people, and positively see whites, while both can be done the same
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