Hip Hop In High School

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We ultimately decided that we could utilize Hip-hop music and culture to forge a common and critical discourse that was centered upon the lives of the students, yet transcended the racial divide and allowed us to tap into students’ lives in ways that promoted academic literacy and critical consciousness. Despite the success of these English teachers at a high school in northern California, and other accounts most people , mostly administrators and teachers are unwilling to incorporate hip hop in their classrooms. This could be because some people still don’t approve of hip hop music. Incorporating hip hop would mean that they would have to listen to hip hop music to understand it and correctly incorporate it in their classrooms. Furthermore, I wouldn’t go as far to say that hip hop influences the dropout rate at all.…show more content…
So, it could have no role in reducing or Increasing dropout rates. School teachers can effectively bring hip hop into the classroom, by using rap songs to understand math problems, or break down science concepts. For example, English teachers can have the students analyze hip hop song to discover similes and metaphors in the song. Challenges that teacher might face when bringing hip hop into the classroom is the controversial topics that hip hop discusses, or parents that don’t approve of the use of hip hop in
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