Hip Hop Influence On Youth

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Music has been and is a very essential part of our lives and has been alive for many years . People use music for different reasons whether it is to relax or to dance, in many cases music has been used to protest for freedom and other political unjust matters. Music has evolved in the past few years and this has led adults to feel that it has become a bad influence on the youth of today . It is important to know more about music and to find out its benefits as well as where it lacks . I specifically chose this topic because music is one of my passions and I would like to explore and see the effects it has on the youth of today more specifically people of my own age group. This research will be based
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Hip Hop on the other hand is music that is fun and gets one excited, many people tend to think Hip Hop is a negative type of music and influences the young generation to do bad things rather than the good. “In today’s world, the genre of Hip Hop is seen as very negative music. Hip hop artists have been receiving bad publicity by getting in trouble with the law. Also, many artists brag about their lifestyle. They talk about making large amounts of money, fame, and the companionship that most people desire. They present themselves as being in a world full of drugs , violence and sex. This may concern any Hip Hop listener who wishes for music with actual substance. It has been questioned if the Hip Hop culture has a positive effect on society in general and if there is music for positive/conscious listeners in Hip-Hop. Despite all the criticism, I believe there is positive Hip Hop music being made.” (Ruiz,…show more content…
For example, teenagers see the Mercedes, models, and jewellery in rap and hip-hop music videos. They feel that if they spend their money to buy that stuff, they can be famous and get all the girls just like the people in the videos. In some low-income areas, some youth, particularly African-American males, are growing up with limited opportunities. Some of them have no important male role model in their lives, so they look up to a rap or hip-hop artist. Some may call this fantasizing, some may not. When a person looks up to or is influenced by a role model, they tend to do the things that person does. The teenagers who look up to rap and hip-hop artists are likely to do what they do. This includes their actions, ideas, their lifestyle, dress and act towards others.” (Abkoobthoj, 2014) This paragraph is true in the sense that teens are influenced by hip hop and it could be negative or positive, This paragraph highlights the fact that teenagers of this generation see what’s on the television and apply it in their own lives, they see the materialism from the rappers and want to be just like them with the cars and the money and of course they also want to be able to do what their idol is doing. Parents see these influences on their children and automatically feel that it threatens their children as they want their kids to prosper and get proper jobs in order for them to get food on their tables “Rap music
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