Hip Hop Music: A Positive Effect On Neoteric Life

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Hip hop music, also called rap music, is a type of music developed in the United States by African Americans in the 1970s that has a flow of rhythmic music that couplets and contests with the beat that is called rapping. This was all invented in New York. It had broke mainstream and became very popular. However, there is one problem. Many people think hip hop is bad because it talks about bad things and say explicit words, but in reality hip hop is good and in this essay will explain why hip hop is a great invention and how it makes a positive effect on our neoteric lives.

Hip-hop can show a way an artist really feels. Artists really do this to rigids the tone of the song, artist such as Drake, Eminem, and Young Thug for example. Emotional Hip-hop really soothes the mental health of the listeners or the artist. Listeners can relate to a song, while the artist can rap about how he/she feel or what they go through. For young and old listeners, it 's real important and cool to know that you can relate with the artists you love, and know that you
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Some Hip Hop songs is about being proud of where you came from and being proud of your culture. Its alot of songs that was about coming from struggles of a young black male or female and were meant to give people sense of pride and confidence in themselves and standing out and getting to the top because everyone got dreams. The dream of a easy and life or a life filled with fame and success. To be honest, many people are scared to chase their dreams even though it can really give them good push to the top. Hip Hop also comes with the idea that chasing a dream ain 't going to be easy. It 's repeated so many times how hard these rappers work to get where they are and through their music you hear that idea over and over again that life ain 't a joke, like Drake says,”You only live
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