Hip Hop Music Analysis

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Hip hop is one of the most controversial music genres, and there have been many arguments arising in regards to whether or not hip hop affects education in a positive way. Many argue no, stating that only negativity can come from hip hop music. Others argue yes, believing that if the negative connotations are put aside, one can truly benefit from what hip hop has to offer. Many find it hard to believe that hip hop artists could actually be encouraging their listeners to get a good education or make good grades. Well, there are several of artists are doing just that. Over the last few decades, hip hop music has positively affected the education system through motivating students and giving them potentially better ways to effectively learn information.…show more content…
When students are only taught through the traditional academic methods, they typically lose interest, but hip hop often has the ability to make them feel more relaxed and involved as they critically analyze the underlying metaphors within the lyrics of a given hip hop song. While it is arguable that the lyrics of most of these songs are not appropriate, the students can use those lyrics for the betterment of their community. From her experience of giving students troubling lyrics to critique, Kelly says, “we challenge them to critique these same offenses in their community and society” (Kelly 55). Using hip hop in education also merges what is usually recognized as two separate worlds. When students can relate their daily life to their school life, they will be able to better participate in their education, and also better appreciate it (Kelly…show more content…
It makes it easier for students to involve themselves in their schoolwork when they can actually relate the information they learn in class to the things they hear and experience outside of class. Hip hop gives them a basis to study the learned information, as they transform the lyrics of their favorite rap song into the relevant material. Along with being able to relate hip hop to their education, it is motivating to know that the hip hop artists they look up to are encouraging them to continue their hard work in getting an education. Once the youth have a strong education based on things they can relate to their lives, they can go out into the real world knowing that everyone has a different background, and they can relate the ethics they have learned through application of hip hop in education to the world in which they

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