Hip-Hop Music Influence On Modern Culture

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Hip-hop music has changed the world over the years and has influences in all aspects of modern culture including film, fashion, and sports. Rap/Hip-hop is one of the most popular music genres of our time, dating back to the 1960s. In fact, studies show that hip-hop music had more influence on pop music from the 1960s all the way to 2010. I can provide facts all day about rap music but how much do you know about the genre in general? “Rap” is a very old word. It was first introduced over in Britain around the 15th century. The definition back then meant to hit or to strike something. Since then the word made its way to Africa and the definition soon changed again. The Africans’ definition of rap meant that someone was talking or having a conversation. They had “griots” which were nothing more…show more content…
How else would everyone get their money? The record labels and their artists make albums and EPs to give to the distributor. The distributor takes the CDs and puts them in the store. The record label then markets the CDs to create demand and there’s your money. In addition, digital stores such as iTunes, Google, and Amazon are never out of stock. There is a virtual unlimited inventory that is replicated on demand. If the artist is signed to a contract then the record label is in charge of the distribution process. Most independent artists distribute and promote their music through the internet. Rap music and its culture has its influence on the world in various ways. It possesses a significant influence on people, particularly its younger audience. Nowadays we live in a time where everyone wants to be alike and you can see the similarities in mainstream music. Most rappers have a unique style in which they wear their clothes, and people copy them. Rappers use their words and talk in their own lingo, teens mimic them. Younger kids love to dance, they have an abundant supply of hip-hop music to dance

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