Hip Hop Reflection

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I think that this course was extremely useful. It made me think about topics beyond hip-hop such as cultural appropriation, capitalism, and the American pedagogy. This class opened my eyes to how hip-hop is directly linked to historical caricatures and cultural appropriation of black culture. To be honest, I thought that we would just talk about hip-hop from the 1980s until now and analyze dozens of lyrics. I definitely never thought about hip pop and the commodification of hip-hop, but this class made me think about how the aspects of hip hop relate to me. My community is South Central, Los Angeles, California. It is a poverty-stricken community where most kids are not expected to succeed. It is a miracle if anyone goes to college. I never…show more content…
We learned about the “heroic” founding fathers that did nothing to help people of color, but we never discussed art forms, like hip-hop, that provided a counter-narrative to the dominant culture. In schools, kids learn a Eurocentric, patriarchal version of history which is rationalized as progress instead of history that is inclusive of minority communities that have experienced oppression. As a Black woman, this hurts my soul because in history colored people have been dehumanized and the US system of education perpetuates racism in education by sustaining unjust classes. By taking this class, I took some of my power back because I chose to go against the norm and take a class that actually interested me. After taking this class, I will use my knowledge to explain to everyday hip-hop fans that there is much more to it than gold chains and rap songs. Before this class, I did not think that hip-hop had so many aspects. Furthermore, I plan on using my knowledge to influence people to study the fundamentals of hip-hop. Because there is so much miseducation of hip-hop, no one really knows about hip-hop in an academic aspect, but I can use my knowledge to inform people. By no means do I intend to change the way people think about hip-hop globally, but I will try in my everyday
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