Hip Hop Stereotypes

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The group I choose is LHH (Love and Hip Hop) which is a television show that is aired on VH1. The characteristic from this group is rapping hip hop music lovers, also known as rap music lovers. The sound these girls love from the guys they date whom are signed music artist in the rap, or better described as the hip hop genre. The style the guys display in their music or in their songs rather, consists of a stylized rhythmic music that is popular for accompanying rapping.

Perhaps that is a rhythmic and rhyming language that is chanted. It came to be that way over time as part of a hip hop culture, a subculture defined by four stylistic elements: graffiti writing, break dancing, DJing/scratching, and MCing/rapping. Other ingredients to the
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The bigger the bag the more a person working in a store may get paranoid. It is just the way it looks and it really looks or make a person wonder, why does a person carry so many items around.

All the characteristics of this group are described above and it it is based on the lives of these musicians and artist. It describes the hardships that come along with hip hop and falling in love. Mixing business with pleasure it is not an easy combination. Having conflicts while under the influence is not wise to try to discuss them while intoxicated, though many have tried any how. In relationships I have heard that it is vital the way you meet a person. If one chooses to be number two how can one expect to be number one.

Also lastly if one steals a man from another women, expect that he may move on again and expect for one to steal him back again. While this can be accomplished for cast member Tara for example. The heart ache involved continues to brew over and over and when does it end? Not until one has the strength to stop the cycle, and stop allowing persons to toy with one. One has to want to be better in order to heal and become a

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