Hip Hop Subcultures

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Subcultures are values and norms different from those of the majority and are held by a group within a wider society, these social groups are organized around shared interests and practices. A subculture is usually attached to clothes music and other visible fronts within the given community, that is part of the general society. Subcultures contain individuals who think alike who feel like they are not a part of the bigger culture of society and then create a sense of identity for themselves. The term Hip Hop is used as a subcultural movement. Scholars such as Carl and Virgil Taylor emphasize “Hip-Hop is not only a genre of music, but also a complex system of ideas, values and concepts that reflect newly emerging and ever-changing creative correlative expressive mechanisms including but not limited to song, poetry, film and fashion.” Hip hop includes, rapping, graffiti, breakdancing, and DJing. It grew in popularity after a lot of house parties and basement parties. DJ Hollywood and DJ Afrika Bambaataa are known for coming up with the term "hip-hop". What Hip hop containes, is considered “artistic variations” of street gang competition and one’s ability to be better. Hip hop is broken down into four main subgroups Rapping or MCing Graffiti Breakdancing DJing Rap is when a person is MCing or rhyming, it is considered a form of poetry, and it focuses mainly on the flow, delivery and lyrical content that is being said by the MC. MCing is a form of expression that
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