Hip Hop's Betrayal Of Black Women Analysis

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Hip Hop has been around for generations, but over the years the meaning behind the music genre continues to change as old artists vanish and new artist step up and take the throne. In the reading Hip Hop’s Betrayal of Black Women by Jennifer McLune explains how women are betrayed in the music industry, and how from this the world perceives to see them afterwards. Mainly the idea behind all of this is that hip hop owes it’s success to the ideology of women hating. The purpose of this article is trying to convince people that hip hop is sexist and degrading. Which in some sense is true from an african american women of myself. After reading the article the author gives very good reasoning for why black women are betrayed that way. Songs in this generation always give women a bad name cause it usually goes by the…show more content…
Like in the song No Hands by artist Waka Flocka in the lyrics he says “ Drop it to the floor, he love the way that booty go and all he wants to do is sit back and watch you go while he proceeds to throw his cash.” In other words these lyrics are saying that women are nothing more than entertainment for men. Which gives the author a more purpose to be mad at the fact that the industry can degrade someone for their own success, which is true because all the songs about women have made millions off of it. McLune goes to to support her argument by acknowledging conscious artists, like when she gives credit to Tupac Shakur when he says the following quote “ we were given this world, we did not make it”. She has been providing good points and there’s a reason for her to be upset at artist for mimicking black women and she perceives to be very passionate about this topic, as if it’s entitling her. Therefore her reactions that
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