Hip Joint Replacement Research Paper

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A joint can become damaged and need replacement when it suffers an injury, fracture, or a condition such as osteoarthritis develops, causing the joint to degenerate. Hip joint replacements may also be needed in cases of rheumatoid arthritis, or joint pain caused by swelling, and bone tumors. In the past, hip joint replacements have used metals to compensate for the bone due to it’s durability. My design, is mostly made out of titanium, but the liner is what really makes it unique. Using synthetic cartilage grown from the stem cells found in bone marrow, the joint replacement will have a more natural lubrication. Because of this, the bone itself is protected from direct contact with the harsh metal. All in all, the part would only cost $15.50 to make, and $2,500 for the artificial cartilage, costing $2,515.50 in all. Application is also rather easy.…show more content…
A patient will lie on the side opposite of the one in need of repair. An incision will be made above the socket down to the upper femur. After cutting through the appropriate muscles to get to the bone, the hip joint must be dislocated. This allows the socket to be more accessible, and gives the opportunity to harvest the stem cells. The bone inside the socket will be shaved down to fit the cup, and it will be drilled into the socket. Next, the same is done to the femur head, and the joint is reconnected. A surgeon should be able to test the rage of motion and find that it moves in a natural, free way with a normal range of motion. Lastly, the wound will be closed appropriately, and the artificial cartilage will be injected around the joint and the

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