Hiplife Music In Ghana

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BACKGROUND Hiplife is a Ghanaian genre of music featuring a combination of Hiphop (stylized rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping, a rhythmic and rhyming speech that is chanted), and Highlife(melodic and main rhythmic structures of traditional Akan music played with Western instruments). Reggie Rockstone is acclaimed as the originator of the art of Hiplife. Gyadu-Blay Ambolley and K. K. Kabobo have also been recognized as Highlife musicians who laid the foundation for the development Hiplife. No accurate standards have been set for the classification of Hiplife songs, but typically is of rap-styled lyrics in native African language, on Highlife rhythms. Hiplife music is the preserve of the Ghanaian people and the face of Ghana music today to a large extent. Considering our Ghanaian culture, Reggie Rockstone diluted the western style of rap music with the Akan culture which safeguarded our Ghanaian identity against westernization through Hip-hop. Hiplife has however evolved over the years with contemporary Ghanaian rappers finding much interest in real Hiphop today HIPLIFE MUSIC SINCE 1994 TILL DATE 1. Reggie Rockstone 1994-1999 Reggie Rockstone pioneered the Hiplife movement in 1994 and started popularising it in the subsequent years. Reggie as the godfather of Hiplife was well-known for glitz, glam and swagger as a Hiplife artiste. He was Hiplife´s pacesetter by recording the first Hiplife album "Makaa Maka" in 1997. Advocates of Hiplife music in this era

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