Hippie Definition

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What is a hippie? Certain individuals label it by the way people dress, their lifestyle, and how they act. Others label it as being drug users, Bob Marley fans, and those who advocate liberalism. According to Princeton’s WordNet, a hippie is, “Someone who rejects the established culture; advocates extreme liberalism in politics and lifestyle.” The word hippie came about around the 1960’s and 1970’s which came from individuals rejecting the established society. Urban Dictionary defines a hippie as, “Someone who promotes, believe in or have a fondness of free love, communal living, recreational drug use, nudity, incense, music (particularly psychedelic rock, blues, and folk music), vegetarianism, holistic and natural foods, protecting the environment,…show more content…
I have tapestries over all my walls and hanging down from my ceiling, dream catchers hanging above my bed, I constantly burn incense, and have salt lamps on my dressers. My style is usually bell bottom pants or some crazy yoga pants with little booties and my purse that is covered in peace signs. Just by the way I have my room and the way I dress shouldn’t label me as a hippie. I like to view myself as a very free-spirited person, yogi, vegetarian, and an all-around caring person. My views are very liberal and evolve my life around happiness. I first started getting called a “hippie” my senior year of high school, that’s when I started getting really into yoga and doing it all the time. After I got hooked on yoga I started dressing the part with my crazy pants to my bohemian rings. I was very popular at school, I was the star soccer player and basketball being All State in both sports. It was a shock for everyone as my style changed and the way I started to handle things. I would always get “Hey dude, how’s the hippie life?” and comments like “What’s up Bob Marley,” these comments never offended me. It has gotten a lot worse since arriving at college because people assume by the way a person looks that’s who they are, which is false. I always get asked if I smoke marijuana because of how I dress and that really bothers me because I’ve never touched or used drugs in my life. I am perfectly fine with being called a Hippie because in my eyes it’s not a bad thing. I view a hippie as being a free spirited, passionate person who enjoys the beauty of life and expresses themselves through many different
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