Hippocrates Advancements In Medicine

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Since the beginning of time people have suffered from illnesses and diseases. How they were treated depended on the resources and time period the individual became ill in. Overtime, people have been able to learn from these illnesses and make many medical advancements. These advancements helped to diagnose and treat the patients they had effectively. One of the main people who made a big effect on medicine, along with creating the theories and practices that are still used today, is Hippocrates. This essay will prove that Hippocrates made many critical advancements in medicine with the method he used to treat his patients, how he viewed the human body, and the development of the hippocratic oath.
Prior to Hippocrates’ advancements in the medical field, many people associated illness and injury to spiritual powers or a message from the gods. For example, prior to Hippocrates work, if
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Another way they might have cured a patient was with different words or spells to “ward off the evil spirits.” When Hippocrates looked at this kind of medicine, he was able to make improvements, and developed what is now known as clinical medicine. This is used when a medical provider looks at the patient and the symptoms provided, diagnose the patient, and than treat the patient according to the individuals sign and symptoms they have gathered. In previous medical treatments before Hippocrates, like the Egyptians, for example, skipped several steps of clinical medicine, primarily focusing on treating the patient. This caused many problems because they skipped the diagnosing step in clinical medicine, and did not know what was truly going on to cause the illness or disease. This also led to them making unneeded treatments on the patients, possibly treating them for a sickness they didn't even have, or something that could easily return

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