Hippocrates Influence On Modern Medicine

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The earliest medical ideas developed by Greeks and Romans have affected modern day medical principles. Although modernized and based upon to suit our continually evolving society, numerous occasions, practices and conventions that were started years, decades and hundreds of years ago; the medical principles that were developed by the Greeks and Romans are still continued today. The ancient Greek and Roman medical practices have laid the foundations of medicine and medical practices that we utilize today. After people such as Hippocrates and Claudius Galen, who created new developments in the field of medicine, professionals could utilize the prior revelations to get a more detailed knowledge of surgical procedures and diagnosis of diseases.…show more content…
Hippocrates has definitely had a profound effect on the modern knowledge of medicine. Hippocrates has had the belief of keeping the body maintained through the means of nature and herbs. Hippocrates had a detailed knowledge of herbs, testing 236 of them, which he found effective. He indeed gave precise instructions for collecting the herbs, pointing out the important parts of growing area and weather. Modern day physicians have continued and endorsed most of his classic natural remedies as a way to keep the body healthy (Dawson). The oath created by Hippocrates known as the ‘Hippocratic Oath’ states the obligations and the correct conduct of a doctor. It is taken during the studies of a medical student at medical school (Early World History Blogger). The well-known ‘Hippocratic Oath’ is valued all around the world. It details the values and responsibilities of physicians at all times (Dawson). The ‘Hippocratic Oath’ is sworn by physicians as of today and the main principle to 'work with purity and with holiness' (Hippocrates) is correlated to our modern values. In addition, exactly like modern day doctors, Hippocrates valued to work 'for the benefit of the sick'
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