The Hippocratic School Of Medicine

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When speaking about history of medicine, the first name that pops up is Hippocrates. He changed the form of medicine to the ancient Greeks entirely. One of his vast contributions is the Hippocratic School of medicine. The means and modes has changed in Greece because of his School and its contribution. His achievements were tremendous and he had put so much effort in studies of clinical medicine in which that made him such a historical figure to look up to.
Ofcourse Hippocrates is very well known for his ‘Hippocratic Oath’ and the name of the oath is obviously derived from his name which gives him credit for such a finding.
He was the first individual ever to mix between philosophy and medicine. His gentle and meditative yet focused prognosis
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This kind of medicine was categorized as crisis because it was a point of progression of an illness that can either kill a patient or naturally recover from it. The Crisis and the humorism theory of Hippocrates focused on simple easing ways in the natural therapeutic process. Hippocrates was said to be proposing this theory as they stood on a therapeutic approach and this theory was the founding base for their medicine. Moreover, Hippocratic therapy trailed nature and believed that the healing power was inherited from it and they believed in manners and to be polite to patients in treatment; they believed in being gentle and keeping the patients clean and sterilized. However, the findings of the stones in the Hippocratic medicine were because of the humble and the passive…show more content…
• He labeled symptomatology, surgical treatment, physical findings and prognosis of thoracic empyema that was related to chest cavity in the linings.
• His teachings stayed relevant until today to students of pulmonary medicine and surgery.
• Firstly, he made documents on chest surgery, the finding and the techniques while crude ( the use of lead pipes that were used to drain chest walls abscess) are still usable.
• Hippocratic School of Medicine mentioned and described well the ailments of the rectum of the human and the treatments related, despite the poor theory of medicine at that time at the school.
• Some believed that Hemorrhoids was caused by excess bile and phlegm but the Hippocratics treated it in advanced ways. Excision and cautery were described in the Hippocratic Corpus and ligating hemorrhoids and drying them using a hot iron preferred its methods.
• Proctoscopy had concepts that outlined the Corpus that is still used. For instance, uses of rectal speculum ( common device in medicine) were discussed and the constitutes was early recorded as a reference to endoscopy.


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