Hippocrates: The Father Of Greek Medicine

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Greek Philosopher, Hippocrates has been known to be the father of medicine and basically came up with the basics of what we know now about medicine. Thanks to him, he has helped many in achieving great medical advances. Hippocrates was believed to be born around 460 BC on the island of Kos, Greece. Greek medicine left a great impact on both today’s societies and past societies by using science to prove that diseases are natural things that happen to humans and are not any form of punishment done by gods upon humans. Greek medicine was an invention that greatly impacted many societies and helped achieve many medical advancements.
Hippocrates was born into an advanced society, known as Athens to many. Athens was a society in which they had many
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Today 's societies wouldn 't be able to find new cures, vaccines, or treatments without the influence of hippocratic medicine. Hippocratic medicine used science rather than religion to show that diseases were a natural human thing that could be cured by the works of nature. Hippocrates in a way challenged those who used witchcraft or magic to “cure” diseases. When he would finally diagnose his patient, he would then prescribe them treatments. Treat,mets included things like rest and fresh air. Rather than the usual things people like exorcists or traditional healers would do. (“Hippocrates and His Legacy.”) By Hippocrates using science to prove that diseases are a natural thing, he saved the lives of many and proved that not everything can be cured with magic or witchcraft and that sometimes we need nature and the logic of science to prove that something 's are natural and not supernatural. Thanks to Hippocrates, other societies have been heavily influenced by his work. By using it as inspiration, they have found new things in the field of medicine which have helped our society with many amazing advancements that have saved many lives. Hippocratic medicine did not just focus on the health of the body, but also on the health of the mind. The first classification of mental disorders shown by Hippocrates were things like mania, epilepsy, paranoia, panic, hysteria, and many more. Mental illnesses were not treated differently and were treated like normal diseases. The role of music and theatre played a big part in being the treatment for many different mental diseases, specific music applications were used to treat different things. Changing the sound of the flute could be a treatment for a specific disease, or the

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