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Studies on placebo-effect in recent time have reestablished that Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC), the ancient Greek physician, was right when he claimed that faith in physicians could help the healing. Healing starts as soon as you trust it. Your mind believes it, your body performs it. Mind and body work together (synergic) to heal physical and mental problems. Research shows that simply the act of deciding to seek help for a medical problem such as back pain or depression or sexual dysfunction can reduce the severity of the problem, even before one actually receives single treatment. Human body has an ability to heal itself – practically anything! There was a case of a 95-pound woman lifting up a 2,000-pound car to save the life of her child who was trapped under its weight. For the adaptability to an emergency like this – at gun point or our feet to the fire – our body is capable of doing outwardly even miraculous triumphs. Mind and body including all physical and chemical processes – called physiology – have instinctive ways of healing. The witch doctor perhaps succeeds for the same…show more content…
When patients felt significant pain relief on placebos, research found increased firing of dopamine neurons in brain regions linked to nucleus accumbens (NAcc) which is a brain region involved in functions ranging from motivation to reward to drug addiction. Conditions involved in pain and depression tend to respond to placebos affecting these brain regions in such a way as to suggest that in the majority of people placebos can also be used without lies. There can be ethical ways to control the placebo effect in order to be clinically acceptable. After all, it is human nature to seek better, positive, not worse or negative. Mind wants to hold on anything optimistic (very similar to natural selection – each slight variation, if useful, is

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