Hira Khan Research Paper

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It’s an honor to introduce a hard working student in Midwood High school name Hira Khan. Hira- a junior at Midwood high school reveals her dedication to her academics and her help for the society. She excels in all of her classes with averages above 95. She studies intensively for the upcoming sat. She went to many sat programs;in sophomore year she attended Sophomore Skills. Hira has high expectations for herself and strives every day to fulfill all her goals. Hira is currently 4h club,key club,and red cross club. For 4h club, she volunteered for the walk for alzheimer. By doing so, Hira helps raise awareness about alzheimer. Hira says that she “will join the walk for breast cancer, which is held by the red cross club”. Hira also says that she will soon join a new club name “United for Health”. In “United for Health”she will find new scholarships she can apply to, find volunteer positions at different hospitals, and help raise…show more content…
Hira likes to listen to her favorite music, write short stories, and try new types of food. She loves to listen to “I love her personality” by Selena Gomez, and “OMG” by Camila Cabello. Her favorite band is “Imagine dragons”. She says that she likes “to write short stories because it improves writing skills”. Besides this, Hira loves to eat Thai food. Hira says that “my family and me went together to a Thai restaurant, and it was one of the best foods I ever had. It was really delicious”. For her favorite drinks, Hira loves bubble tea and has an addiction to black coffee. Finally, for dessert Hira loves to eat vanilla and mint chocolate chip ice cream and cheesecake. Hira has a unique and fine personality. Hira has many qualities such as responsibility,dedication, persistence, creativity, and confidence. She manages everything with a balance, helping her have a successful road
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