Hiram's Social Norms

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Imagine that you see your friend shoving fish guts into an African- American 's mouth. The main character in the book Mississippi Trial: 1955, Hiram, had to go through this torment, even though his worldviews “say” that everyone is created equal. Hirams social norms are contrasting from mine because, he has to act like a white supremacist, and it is illegal for me to. Hiram and I have similar relationships and worldviews, but I have distant social norms. Throughout the book we, Hiram and I, have made changes in his relationships with people. Before the book he met a kid named R.C. and he is mostly a static character. In the beginning R.C. threw a rock above the window of Hiram’s neighbor’s house, and Hiram didn’t like it, Sometimes Hiram
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