Hiring Illegal Immigrants Essay

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1. Introduction It’s very understandable that most businesses look for ways to earn more profit from their products. In fact, their main motto is to satisfy their consumers and full-filling all the demands. Without any products, industries can lose their consumers very rapidly. So, they attempt to look for people who are hardworking and efficient. I chose this topic because it is related to my career class, and I could not understand why would some industries risk their employees’ working condition just to make earn profit and produce more products. In businesses, it is very common to hire illegal immigrants. Additionally, illegal immigrants are hardworking individuals who can give a lot to businesses, which is an advantage for them. However,…show more content…
I will also evaluate the working condition in past and working condition in modern day for immigrants. I used a case from Josue Melquisedec Diaz to emphasize the working condition of immigrants and the results of speaking out. The case can be found in the…show more content…
Their main and most common reason to come to an unknown country is to establish themselves and start fresh. Since USA is one the countries that have developed economy and good opportunities, immigrants try to enter themselves, whether they are legal or illegal. They tend to go places or countries where there is more beneficial for them (Europe, Australia, etc.). Millions make an effort for that opportunity, but only less than half gets the chance. Since, it is very difficult to inside a country without documentation, so they try to enter illegally or as a guest worker. Whether immigrants are in USA or Europe or South American, the working condition might be poor or might not be. It all depends on how the business treats and regulates their

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