Case Study: Hiring The Ideal Manager

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Hiring the Ideal Manager
Yang Fan, Erik Medina, Abhiroop Bhattacharyya, Francisco Figueroa
University of the People The group page
Information provider: Abhiroop Bhattacharyya
Information seeker: Erik Medina
Gatekeeper: Yang Fan
Leadership turns among team members Identify the leadership traits and behaviors that are desirable for this position(by Erik Medina)
1. Integrity
For this position we need a person that will be honest at all times regardless of the situation. He or she needs to have strong moral principles as they will be responsible of running a restaurant. It is to the benefit of the company to have a person with integrity because that person will always do what is best for the company.
2. Compassionate
Our new manager needs
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Once we have the final list, we should schedule a face to face interview with the candidates. The face to face interview is very important to verify if the person is serious and punctual, if he dresses properly for the job. Restaurant business is customer facing service industry so how he smiles, how he holds a conversation, shakes hands , make eye contact, his body language, attitude or his posture and things like is the person a good listener everything can be judged (Spiro, 2014). While the interviewer panel would definitely judge the person on his / her capabilities but a customer facing role has other aspects, and not having enthusiasm or having bad manners can be bad for business. So as a recruitment team we need to make sure we recruit a great employee who can be a role model for others…show more content…
Since the attrition rate is high, in case he needs to hire or train new recruit, this question will help us figure if he is capable or has any past experience on this.
5th question will help us understand if he is capable enough to recruit the right kind of resource for the job. Does he have an eye for talent and how about his judgement?
6th question will help us understand if he would be able to handle training for the new recruit
7th question will help us understand what kind of leadership qualities he has. Is he growth focused? Is he passionate? Does he have a vision?
8th question will help us understand if he will be able to function given the circumstances we have. Is he tough enough?
9th question will help us understand if he has enough emotional quotient and if he leads by example. Can he influence people?
10th question can help us figure how he would tackle the unhappy environment he might face when recruited. Does he have a thick skin? Can he win friends?

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