Hiroshima Bombing Analysis

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Pictures and Captions

Ruined Residence, Hiroshima

After the bombing, many homes were destroyed in the bombing. Debris flew ever and a lot of people became homeless. Hardly any buildings still stood for most had crumbled to the ground.

Temporary tents by a river in Hiroshima

These tents had been pitched by the homeless residents of Hiroshima, for their homes were destroyed in the atomic blast. Life became hard for the survivors as they tried to make use of the little supplies they could obtain.

Looking west from Nakajima-hon-machi

A field of rubble lays on the ground with burnt trees sees towards the left side of the picture. Kodo Elementary School, the distant squared building, can be seen, which later closed down after the war.
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This left a black mark in the shape of the person sitting there.

Hiroshima before the bombing

An aerial view of Hiroshima before the blast. Showing a crowded Japanese city stretching all the way to the mountain rage as shown towards the top of the photo.

Atomic bombing of Hiroshima, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, Hiroshima.

A photo of Hiroshima during the explosion. The mushroom cloud stands high as the cloud covers the city like a blanket in an instant. Debris is seen flying everywhere.

General MacArthur and Japanese Emperor Hirohito

General MacArthur was known to have shown great leadership. He took in charge, along with Emperor Hirohito, of rebuilding Japan during their crisis. In the photo, MacArthur stands next to Hirohito

MacArthur arrived at Atsugi Air Base near Yokohama, U.S. Army Photo

MacArthur lands at the Atsugi Air Base in Yokohama on August 30, 1945, ready to aid the Japanese after the war.

Emperor Hirohito salutes from his mount

Hirohito (Shōwa) rides his favorite white horse as he salutes during a military review in Tokyo in
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This pictures shows a woman who had been burned due to the bombing. The heat emitted from the explosion burned the patterns from her kimono on her back.

An unidentified young boy carries his burnt brother

These orphaned brothers walk around the ruins of Hiroshima hoping to find their father, but later to find that he had died.

Streetcar street in front of Fukuya.

An example of a street in Hiroshima before the explosion. Behind the car is Fukuya Department Store.

The Enola Gay dropped The Little Boy atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

This group of 7 men flew over Hiroshima in the Enola Gay, and dropped the “Little Boy” on it.

Hirohito’s enthronement portrait.

A portrait of Hirohito on the day he was declared emperor of Japan. He holds a replica of a Grasscutter Sword in his right hand.

Emperor seeing Hiroshima for the first time.

Japan's late Emperor Hirohito is seen in this file photo taken 1988 in Tokyo.

(Above) A picture of Hirohito when he was being declared Emperor of Japan. He holds a traditional replica of a Grasscutter Sword in his right hand. (Right) A photo of Hirohito, taken in 1988. We was 86 in his photo. A year before his death in 1989.

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