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Final Draft Known Politician and proud activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in her essay, Why they deny the Holocaust, expounds on why people of the Islamic culture deny the Holocaust and are of the opinion that the people of the Jewish religion are con artists by being able to convince the world that the Holocaust happened when it did not. Ali’s purpose is to expose that people are taught to believe that the mass genocide of individuals is a hoax. She adopts a warm tone to relay to the reader that the Islamic people are taught that the Holocaust was a massive lie perpetrated by the Jewish. At the start of her paper, Ali introduces the reader to Why they deny the Holocaust by elaborating on the first time she ever hears of the Holocaust. The reader 's shock is appealed to by her admitting that at the age…show more content…
In this article Ali talks of where she lives and how if anything calamitous happened it was blamed on the Jewish people. “I remember my teachers, my mom and our neighbors telling us ... that Jews are evil, the sworn enemies of Muslims,”(Ali n.p.). Ali installs this almost anger in her readers because people shouldn’t think this way towards another human being. And yet there happens to be an entire culture that does think this way and no one has does anything about it. The rhetorical device logos appeals to the reader’s knowledge of what happened to a vast majority of the Jewish people in the Holocaust. The way that the Islamic culture looks at Jewish people is not that uncommon but for these words to be spoken outright is devastating to the affected culture as a whole. This information is laid out in Ali’s article not only because of the importance of constant knowledge but also because being aware of what the rest of the world is doing will make a better person out of the reader. All of this information is quite important for the human race to thrive. Being at the whim of a political leader such as much of the Islamic culture is never a good thing

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