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Apart from “The Adventure of the Blanched Soldier” (1926) as well as “The Adventure of the Lion’s Mane” (1926), which are depicted by Holmes, and “His Last Bow” (1917) along with “The Adventure of the Mazarin Stone” (1921), which are recounted by a mysterious third-person, Watson takes the role of narrating the remainder of the four novels and fifty-six short stories. Despite dating only one-half of the cases, Watson even managed to misdate those events and tended to be quite sloppy, which leaves many undated or only by references dated occurrences.

One can assume that Holmes was born in the year 1854 since he is being described as a sixty-year-old in “His Last Bow”. 844 In “The Greek Interpreter” he talks about his forebears being country
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Bartholomew’s Hospital set the scene for a lasting friendship, as they moved in together in January 1881 at the now generally known 221B Baker Street. Instead of minding his own business, Holmes asked Watson rather indiscreetly if he would like to engage in an investigation he has been offered the same morning. 15 “A Study in Scarlet” was the first of many events Watson committed to paper for public, with his efforts leading to more customers, thus being thoroughly worthwhile in the end. As a result of those endeavours not paying off immediately, Holmes started drugging himself with morphine and cocaine in 1888 to Watson’s disapproval. 67 “A Scandal in Bohemia” introduces the reader to Irene Adler, which Holmes most commonly refers to as the woman, but in defiance of not allowing himself to feel anything similar to fondness it is clear, that he admires her utterly. 123 In “The Sign of the Four” Watson got to meet Mary Morstan, to whom he confessed his love shortly before the mystery was solved 106 and they married subsequently in 1889. 227 The newlywed couple relocated to build up a practice favourably close to Paddington Station, but what had started as a continuity visit soon turned into deviance until one specific case ensued. 227 It is surprising to see that at this point Watson’s war injury had suddenly wandered from his arm to the leg 68 and that he also had an elder, “unhappy brother” who has never been mentioned

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