The Transformation Of Silence Into Language Essay

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Language, gender and culture is how we all identify people are the three things for discussed in our society especially in this generation. In these days people have the crazy idea of what is suppose to be normal. If someone is wearing a different type of clothes than everyone else, that person may be considered weird. Are we all supposed to go with the flow? Many times what people want is to fit ion, and fitting in may include doing things you don't want to do, say or believe, but why are people willing to accept that? People accept that, for fear of judgment, for fear of not fitting in, for fear of not having any friends. Many times there are boys that act in a feminine way and girls that act more in a masculine way, people consider them like out of…show more content…
Because of his choices, he reflects, “I didn’t have to fight to get out of the ghetto. I was kicked out.” In the third article “The transformation of silence into Language and Action” A black lesbian poet who struggles because of society misunderstandings, focuses on action rather than silence. She believes that we have to speak out and act if we want to reach our goals and dreams, otherwise we would be struggling and feeling uncomfortable. Obstacles and stressful situations in our life will make us even stronger and smarter by adaptation to a life change. Fear is the most powerful emotional stimulator of action people have and by speaking we can disappear our fears. The three authors are similar because they are talking about one same issue “How people should be to fit in in the society, in how the pass to struggles that help them to understand they don’t need to do things they don’t want to do like dress in new fashion trend or talk in a certain way, they just want to be how they
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