Hispanic American Cultural Characteristics

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In this paper I will discuss the culture of Hispanic Americans, whom are sometimes called Latinos. Five demographic characteristics will be identified, which will follow their beliefs on family, education, and society. Although this culture has seen many challenges in today’s society there are many opportunities for advantages, and new traditions. Culture awareness is an excellent way to engage in our students and families lives. As teachers, we will see a diverse group of races and ethics, while in the classroom. However, the culture I will focus on is the Hispanic Americans. The children and their family primarily speak Spanish, which is typical because the parents originated from places where Spanish and Portugal was the only language. To name a few places where Spanish is normally spoken, you have Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Spain, and the Dominican Republic. Which leads me to discuss the two words Hispanic and Latino. Over the years, many people judge this diverse group by not knowing or understanding their culture. However, both words have different meanings to the people who are mistaken because of their race, or even language barriers. Hispanics come from only Spanish speaking countries, and Latinos come from other Spanish speaking areas that also have other languages. Therefore, the word Hispanic focus more on the language, and the…show more content…
While my boys are boys they want to run, hit, dominant the toys, and engage in curiosity. Parent involvement in my room is okay, I try and encourage my parents to join us in classroom activities but, they are too busy with work. Also the education level for Hispanic Americans are low, therefore it discourages them from interacting with their children in a school setting. Over one-fourth of Hispanic adults have less than a ninth-grade education (Council,

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