Hispanic And Latino Community In Shakespeare's Othello

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In Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, the title character is a 16th century Moorish general of the Venetian army who, because of the cultural and historical background of the play’s setting, the playwright, and the original intended audience, is portrayed as both well-respected for his military prowess and disparaged for his race. Similarly, because of today’s American society both celebrates the richness of Latin food,music, and language which creates a sort of ignorance due to the fact that many Non-Hispanics rely on them in many ways and yet consistently robs them of their own unique cultures when they are all assumed to be a criminal, uneducated poor or being an illegal immigrant. In Shakespeare “Othello” we see that in that period of time…show more content…
We see that today it’s happening again and has been affecting many people, but the one that has been targeted is the Hispanic/Latino community. In “21 Stereotypes About Latino Men That Latino Men Want To Dispel”, the author Kyli Singh shows us how some of the negative stereotypes that Non-Hispanics have towards the Hispanic/Latino community in the United States. “3. “That we’re uneducated.13. “That if you don’t speak English, you’re undocumented.“14. “That we are drunks, illegals, only good for cleaning, womanizers, uneducated, gang affiliated who have not contributed to this society.“15. “That Latinos are lazy, dumb, deadbeat dads, illegal immigrants, school drop-outs, gang members, drug dealers, rapists … That Latinos will turn America into a third world country.“16. “That we all speak ‘Mexican.”. Being “uneducated,speaking Mexican,Illegal Immigrants” are the basic negative stereotypes that describe the Hispanic/Latino community.According to the author, many men are sick and tired of hearing this all of the time and want something to end it. Also in “TYPICAL STEREOTYPES OF HISPANICS” by Chief Editor tells us how many of the Non-Hispanics in the US think towards Hispanics. “They are highly stereotyped for being extremely poor that most of them are living in poverty. Images are constantly seen about them piling, crowding and living into vans…show more content…
“Yes! So, “Latin” music in the U.S. usually means some flavor of Caribbean (salsa, reggaeton, Miami Sound Machine, whatever). Which is cool, but it’s still considered “Latin,” i.e., foreign.But that All-American country music — especially certain strains from the 1950s — probably wouldn’t exist without Mexican rancheras”, Also the article mentions, “You heard that right! We think of cowboys as lonesome, taciturn white men — as American as apple pie. But the original cowboys were vaqueros, Mexican ranch hands, which is where Anglo cowboys pretty much got their whole thing”. The authors who wrote the article of “14 Things Latinos Gave To America” gives us a little background information about things that the Mexican culture has influenced into the United States. Country music is really famous in the United States, but what most people don’t realize, is that the Mexican culture influenced the Anglo to create Country music and yet Mexicans get discriminated for the way their culture is. In the article “Perceptions of Latinos” by Gwen Sharp, shows us a graph in which many Non-Hispanics in the United States have a positive mindset towards the Hispanic/Latino community. In the graph below, the two most shocking ones are the 76% that described Hispanics

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