Hispanic Children Research Paper

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Born and raised in Santa Barbra California, Peter Giovani Petatan have lived 21 years of his life in the U.S. along with his mother and father who were born and raised in Mexico. Although born and raised in California Peter and his family currently reside in Macon, GA. Now as a college student this has been the first time he has ever lived outside of home. Nevertheless, he feels as if he’s able to adapt to this new environment effortlessly in terms of the university and community.
As a matter of fact, a cultural explanation of Hispanic people would include an understanding of certain values and traits such as: gender roles, overall values, religious or spiritual beliefs, child discipline, clothing preference, communication and unusual customs
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Offspring’s are trained to conduct themselves and to act accordingly. That means they should comply with the rules minus talking back to their parents. Parents sense they have prospered at parenting when the child learns to be compliant. Hispanic parents label compliance as having etiquettes, being respectful to authority figures and behaving in public. They sense the way their child conduct themselves in the company of others, reveals their parenting skills. Currently, Hispanics, style is very contemporary but customary Spanish apparel is still worn for special occasions. Males wear boots, jeans, button down long sleeve shirts, while women wear open toe sandals, colorful skirts and dress. As for the hair style women wear their hair pulled back in buns or pony…show more content…
“I’ve been affected in a positive way by people outside of my culture because they not only accept me for me, but to go as far by teaching me about different cultures. More importantly, I have grown to value my culture and for the people that are in my life and how I as an individual am a great representation of my culture. As far as being affect adversely, I haven’t been.
All in all, I enjoyed this interview simply because I went in not knowing much of the Hispanic culture, while leaving out I am knowledgeable of the Hispanics. Not only learning new things but I also met someone new as well. Besides meeting new people and learning new things, my reaction was not what I thought it would be. The reaction I had was very humble and grateful that I was able to not only interview someone from another culture, but for them to enjoy it as much as I did. The fact that my interviewee left with a smile on his face because I was interest in what he had to say about his

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