Hispanic Cultural Traditions

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My Hispanic Tradition and Customs

My family comes from a Hispanic heritage. My dad is from Monterrey and my mom is from Houston. Even though I am from here I get to celebrate both traditions from both sides of my family. Most of my family members are from Mexico. In our house we speak both Spanish and English. I interviewed both of my parents about our heritage and I realized that there are many traditions and customs that are very interesting and are celebrated throughout the year. Belowyou will read about interesting traditions and customs as well as what my family and I are interested in. There are many delicious tasty traditional Hispanic dishes. One of my favorite dish is enchiladas which is a corn tortilla filled with
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Our ancestor believed that having a large family will keep a strong union and support for one another. Hispanic family believed that a strong bond between mothers and farther will help the decisions and creating a good atmosphere for their children. A good communication between family members also played a good role model for the children future. They have many cultural traditions that are celebrated in the Hispanic heritage like piñatas. Piñatas are a bright colored party ornament in any shape or form. Piñatas are used communions, baptisms, birth days, Christmas. and other celebrations. Quinceñera marks the right of passage from child to a young woman and it is celebrated with a big birth day party where family and relative and friend accompany the young lady she will then dance to waltz with the father or older brother or a male relative and wears an elaborate dress. Dia de los muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated on November 2. This day is dedicated to honor and remember a family member and or a friend that has passed away. There altars are decorated with flowers, a picture of the person deceased, fruit, and food. It is a festive tradition which focuses on celebrating the life of those who have passed away. Posadas is a nine day celebration with the origin of Spain; it starts from December 16 to December 24, on evenings (about 8 or 10 pm). Posadas are plays which retail the story of Christmas. A very special night is celebrated on Christmas Eve with family and friends and it is called Cena de Noche Buena which is a family diner. La Quema de Polvera means fireworks of every kind are seem during the night .another tradition is la Mañanitas it is a traditional birth day song which is sung in the morning and sometimes a serenata which is a serenade. Family characteristic are based in the importance for having an education so that we as children have a bright future. It is very important that we continue to

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