Hispanic Minority Group Analysis

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The specific minority group I have chosen is Hispanic. Hispanic or Latino Populations are defined by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a minority group to include Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American or other Spanish culture regardless of race. This description can be found in the article written by the (CDC) Center for Disease Control and Prevention called Minority Health. The Mexican minority group makes up 64% of the Hispanic population. This is interesting to me because I live is Southern California where this population is greatly represented. While researching the Hispanic minority group I found as a whole the minority actually makes up 36% of the United States population. These minorities suffer from many…show more content…
Described in the Institute for Work and Health include the following Prevention types. Primary Prevention addresses the prevention a disease before it even occurs. This would provide health fairs and maybe even the possibility of classes that would address the following. Discouraging the use of hazardous materials, education that would present the positivity of eating healthy, exercise and discouraging bad habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption. Secondary Prevention attempts to reduce the impact of diseases and or injuries that have already occurred. This includes detecting and treating diseases that might already be in progress. Annual physical exams and screening such as mammograms, prostrate exams and dexa-scans to confirm bone density are just a few. There are also diet and exercise programs even those that include swimming are in helpful in prevention of Heart Attacks and Strokes. Last but not least Tertiary Prevention hoping to soften impact of disease and or injury that has already occurred and has lasting effects. Examples of these would be rehab programs for Cardiac and strokes. Then of course there are even groups within groups that provide the minority group to others that are affected as well. This creates and environment where patients can share ideas and strategies that have helped them. In regards to Vocational Health the patient would have the opportunity to become part of a program that will assist to with finding different job opportunities after recovery. I would like to say that one of these Prevention categories are more important than another to help these families, unfortunately I don’t that is possible. One thing for sure we need to start somewhere so starting with Primary Prevention would help decrease the impact of disease and

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