Historical Accuracy In The Patriot

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The Patriot is a movie filmed displaying the time of the American Revolution, it is a very historically inaccurate film that features few historical accuracies. The Patriot offers inaccurate character portrayal, cultural details and social details.The few dainty accuracies of the film include apparel, battle occurence, and gun usage.
As the movie progresses many parts throughout the film do not align with proper historical accuracy. The inaccuracies may seem true to the common eye but with proper intel it is clearly seen to be erroneous. Character portrayal is one of many inaccuracies in the film, Benjamin Martin who is supposed to represent Francis Marion actually represents the complete opposite. Martin is described as a peaceful farmer representing many morals that are believed to be and displayed as proper. Marion, on the other hand would post poor morals by “destroying many Indian villages and burning crops to starve the Cherokee into submission”(Francis Marion). Marion was actually a man that had poor ethics and no concern for other human beings like Martin actually did. Marion even went to the extremes of raping his own slaves for pure enjoyment. Thus showing the substandard attempt of the character portrayal of officer Marion through Benjamin Martin. The film also features poor social details, it displays that the French initially entered the war during the Siege of Yorktown. The Siege of Yorktown began September 28, 1781 and came to an end October 19, 1781,
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