Historical Accuracy Of The Movie Troy

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The movie Troy, from Hollywood has been one of the greatest Hollywood movie ever made, it was nominated for more than 10 awards and got into the “Best of Warner Bros- 50 Film Collection”. In addition, it made approximately $497 million worldwide. It was one of the most successful films ever made. However, the content that was in the movie brought some speculation into whether or not the events of the movie were historically accurate. The purpose of this essay is to answer the question of how accurate the Hollywood movie, Troy, really was and whether it portrayed Homer’s tragic, charming side of the story or the predicted historical side. Troy is precise in its portrayal of the setting and the intensity of the Trojan war. Nevertheless, the reason to why the war occurred has many believable theories. The story was written by a very famous Greek writer and poet, Homer, the author of the well-known Iliad and Odyssey. The source of the Movie Troy came from the Iliad, an epic poem written by Homer around 800 B.C., despite that the actual war occurred 400 years before. The age gap brought speculation into whether or not the Iliad had precise information, it had been a prolonged time since the war occurred. There were many similarities between both the movie and the Iliad. Such as, the reason of the war, the famous notion of Odysseus, and the gifted warrior that helped Agamemnon and Menelaus defeat the Trojans. The main reason that caused the Trojan War, according to Homer, was
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