Historical Biographic Movie: Heneral Luna

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Alyssa Audrey C. Indefenzo October 6, 2015 INTFILO - EL Heneral Luna Insight Paper Heneral Luna is a historical biographic film that takes place in the time of General Antonio’s leadership of the Philippine Revolutionary Army during the Philippine-American War. The film begins with the intrusion of the American forces into Philippine soil and ends with the assassination of Luna. The release of this film is timely since it depicts everything that is wrong with our nation then and even now. “Walang makakaangat sa batas. Kahit na ang presidente.” General Antonio Luna is not your average hero. He is known for being the hot-headed general and is described as an aggressive and strict military leader and a fervent nationalist. He believes in his principles and he does not care what his actions would do. He believes that no man is above the law of the country. In the film, we see great efforts to protect the country from colonization. “Malaking trabaho pagkaisahin ang bansang watak-watak.” Gen. Antonio Luna said to the Joven, the journalist interviewing him. He wanted to change the system and unite the Filipinos. He believes that if the Filipinos were united, they would win the war. But that is a problem also because of regionalism. Regionalism was used by the Spaniards to divide the Filipinos. There’s the Bisayas, Ilokanos, etc. So basically, there’s no unity for the whole country. He tried to unite the Filipino army in various ways. He came up with a uniform
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