Historical Causes Of Power In Mr. Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is a short novel about a rebellion of the animals against a farmer who is not a correct ruler in animals’ perspective. After the old major (an elder pig) convinces them that everyone must be equal, animals start to believe that human beings are horrible creatures because of farmer’s unequal farm which causes to start animals’ rebellion when they see the chance. After the win against, the farmer, Mr. Jones they change the farm’s name into Animal Farm and pigs become animals’ and use some authority to become superior to the other animals. Since the novel has been written, Animal Farm counted as a parody of the Soviet Union in the 20th century. Characters in the story can be compared to historical figures in Soviet Union’s history. Even though we can compare characters with historical figures Animal Farm is more than a parody of Soviet Union. This is a story that shows that some gained power can cause a massive corruption. Animal’s rebellion starts when the farmer doesn’t feed and take care of the animals for a while. Mr. Jones notices them when they break into the area where the food is stored and whips them in order to counterattack but looses against animals attack and runs away from the farm. Rebellion happens in a few minutes and pigs takes the authority without any voting and then animals take control of the whole farm. With this, Orwell shows that power can be gained effortlessly when you supported by others. In the end, rebellion ends and rest of the pages
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