Feminism In Nigeria Essay

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3.2 DEVELOPMENT OF FEMINISM AND WOMEN ORGANISATIONS The history of feminism is the chronological narrative of the movements and ideologies aimed at defining and defending equal political, economic, and social rights for women. Feminism developed from the conflicts andexperiences of women who are oppressed. (Amelia R: 1980). Feminism is an historic thinking due to the fact that it arises from the experiences of women. Feminism concerns itself with the welfare of the society as a whole, not just women. It is obvious that if there is a better distribution of development, we as women are likely to support such development and be involved in it fully but when there seems to be a structure that…show more content…
The pre‐colonial and colonial eras revealed active participation of women in activities aimed to better their lot. The intervention of women in social and political landscape helped to improve their status at the grassroots, national and regional levels. In Nigeria, women have been involved in various movements and activities in their own ways even though such movements were not identified or labeled with any specific name. At the early stages, feminism as a concept attracted negative connotations, and usually feminist women were usually associated and/or stigmatized as being, ‗men haters‘, frustrated or divorced women with nothing better to do but cause trouble. Feminism gained attention in Nigeria as a result of different attempts made by women to secure and sustain equal rights and opportunities for women. The prevalence of unequal power relation resulting in disproportionate distribution of rights and privileges to women has been a great issue of concern leading to different interventions by individuals and women‘s groups to eradicate such concepts. Feminism in Nigeria emerged out of the demands of women to improve women‘s status and eliminate debilitating factors that
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