Historical Events In Persepolis

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Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi is a graphic memoir that reveals the life of a woman growing up in pre-revolution and post-revolution Iran, as well as her experiences in Western countries. In this book, Marjane recalls and highlights historical events that affect her life during her upbringing in Iran. These include the oppression of the Shah, along with the rise and effects of the regime. These events are integrated into Persepolis in order to showcase their effects on Marjane and the other citizens of her country. These events’ inclusion are important due to the context and understanding that they grant readers unfamiliar with the text. Persepolis begins with an introduction to the Iranian Revolution, and the fall of the Shah. Satrapi shows us the burning of the Rex Cinema, an example of the Shah’s oppression (10/11). This is effectively showcased with a splash panel, which depicts the ghosts of those who died in the fire (15/2). This imagery is powerful - the deaths and pains of those inside are unimaginable; despite the difficulty in portraying this, Satrapi is able to communicate this through the illustrated facial expressions of the ghosts, along with the ghosts running towards the exits of the cinema. The text by itself is less effective, as it simply describes what happens with little emotion, but the imagery complements the text in order to convey the emotion and pain. We also see the oppression of the Shah when Marjane’s grandfather is forced into jail. This inspires

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