Historical Fiction In The Book Thief

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Historical fiction, loved by many. Historical Fiction tells a story through fictional characters who are placed in a real time in history. Hearing/watching a historical event through the eyes of a character, and sometimes an unexpected author of history seems to draw people in more than one would expect. The historic events are told in a more relatable and comprehensible way appeal to people. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak does just that, draw people into the story. The Book Thief tells of a young girl’s life during World War II in Nazi Germany. The Book Thief represents the Historical Fiction genre seamlessly.

The characteristics of Historical Fiction are sprung from the elements of fiction. A fiction book has the elements dialogue, character, theme, plot, setting etc. The characteristics of Historical Fiction are born from these. In
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Romance includes elements such as characters coming from different backgrounds, a conflict with the relationship, and tieing the romance into a bigger plot. One of the main characters, Rudy loves Liesel the whole story. She does not love him back for most of the story, however, until too late. It could also fall under the genre of Drama. It reads, “They’re not moving,’ she said quietly. ‘They’re not moving.’

Perhaps if she stood there long enough, it would be they who moved, but they remained motionless for as long as Liesel did” (Zusak 536). Liesel has just realized that everyone she has ever truly cared for has passed. She has suffered the ultimate tragedy to make a beautiful Drama. The Book Thief does contain some elements from other genres but contains more Historical Fiction elements.
The Book Thief is not only written to draw in Historical Fiction fans, but to also draw in Romance and Drama lovers. It has all the elements of Historical Fiction with enough drama and romance to keep one hanging on to every word Zusak writes. It flawlessly portrays Historical
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